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  • Kinnosa Project+

    What it is. What it does.
    Kinnosa Project+Simplicity That Cuts Through Complexity


    Kinnosa Project+

    A Project Information Platform

    A computing platform that simplifies project administration, provides single source access to all project data and delivers real-time project status directly to each team member regardless of their geographic location. Access to accurate data enhances Project Team performance, resulting in an efficacious Change Management Process.

  • Blueprint

    For Deployment
    Kinnosa Project+Kinnosa Deploys Rapidly


    Blueprint for

    Rapid Deployment

    A high level plan, this blueprint provides the estimated timeframes, tasks and responsibilities for a typical Kinnosa deployment of an on-premise or hosted system.

    Deployment Phase Action On-Premise System Hosted SaaS System
    Procurement Select the Kinnosa license model Perpetual Subscription
    Initial capital expenditure Very high ($) Extremely low ($/mo.)
    Setup & Configuration Perform system install, setup and configure Customer tasked First Trace tasked
    Prepare, load data and deploy to users 2 to 3 weeks 3 to 4 days
    Operations Oversee system security and monitoring Medium to high rating Very high rating
    Perform system admin and backup tasks Customer tasked First Trace tasked
    Sustaining Support Provide bug fixes, updates and support Annual contract ($) Included
    Education & Training Train users and administrators Instructed or self-paced Instructed or self-paced
  • Core Features

    Huge Benefits
    Kinnosa Project+Huge Benefits

    Core Features


    with Targeted Benefits

    Features are targeted to produce specific benefits that directly impact your bottomline.

    A partial listing of targeted features includes:

    • Attain real time visibility to project status
    • Automate repetitive nonvalue tasks
    • Gain fast access to crucial information
    • Integrate and link relevant data of all types
    • Retrieve data with powerful content search
    • Reduce project administration and paperwork
  • Facts Matter

    Why Projects Fail
    Kinnosa Project+5 Reasons
    Projects Fail

    Facts that Matter


    Facts that Matter

    Over 450 executives and project managers surveyed by KPMG reported an alarming fact about their organization’s projects:

    70% of all projects fail!

    The top 5 reasons given for project failures were:

    • • Poor communications
      • ‐ lack of priority, contradictory
      • ‐ incomplete data, wrong information
    • • Erroneous Planning
      • ‐ based on insufficient data
      • ‐ missing data, insufficient details
    • • Missed Milestones
      • ‐ mismanaged tasks, schedule delays
    • • Poor Coordination
      • ‐ limited visibility to task status
      • ‐ poor processes for activities
    • • Miscalculated Schedules
      • ‐ schedules too tight, unrealistic
  • Product Tour

    Video Gallery
    Kinnosa Project+Video Gallery

    Product Tour

    Project+ Video Gallery

    Intro to Project+ (2:08) Document Control (8:49) 
  • Benefits

    High Impact
    Kinnosa Project+High Impact Benefits

    Project+ Benefits

    High Impact

    Kinnosa Simplicity solutions are about solving tough problems and delivering high impact benefits. Your company can have results like those shown below with Project+.

  • Pricing

    For Every Budget
    Kinnosa Project+Pricing for Every Budget


    Kinnosa Pricing

    Project+ Hosted Solution

    Move the sliders to enter the number of planned users for each Project+ license category. The calculator computes and totals the monthly cost for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Your cost may vary depending on configuration.